Facebook Mastery Series #5: How to Engage Your Existing Nonprofit Facebook Community

Author: John Haydon
Course Level: Intermediate

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012
Start Time
1 PM Eastern / 12 PM Central / 11 AM Mountain
10 AM Pacific
75 Minutes
Webinar Description

Course level = intermediate

This webinar is presented by John Haydon the author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies.

Having effective Facebook community management skills will help your nonprofit by engaging the most passionate fans/supporters to spread the word and take action about your campaigns, volunteer opportunities, and fundraisers.

Several things make community management on Facebook extremely challenging -- simply responding to comments is not enough. A good community manager has to navigate the complicated realm of human relationships and facilitate the discussions, postings, and moderation.

The most successful nonprofits on Facebook understand community management, and know it is ultimately about making community members (Facebook fans and their friends) feel like their voice is an important part of the cause.

This nonprofit training webinar is specifically focused on helping your staff become awesome Facebook community managers that reflect the spirit and mission of your organization, and build a groundswell of support and passion within your community.

During this live nonprofit training webinar, you will learn:

  • Seven best practices for nonprofit community management
  • How to create an effective Facebook Page community policy
  • Three steps to selecting the best community managers
  • How to configure your page to block negative comments
  • When to delete negative comments and/or ban users
  • How to ban specific users from posting to your Page
  • Three strategies to responding effectively to private Page messages
  • Three ways to shorten shorten your Facebook response times
  • Five strategies to identify and engage with your top fans
  • Three key ways to measure the growth of your community

Also included with this webinar are three streaming videos:

  1. How (and why) to Automate Comment Moderation On Your Facebook Page
  2. How (and why) to Delete Negative Comments & How To Ban Specific Users
  3. How To Shorten Response Times By Getting Instant Comment Notifications

Additional learning materials:

  1. A Community Manager Checklist for Day-to-Day Facebook Page Management
  2. A sample set of Facebook Page Community Guidelines

About the Topic Expert: John Haydon is the author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies, and founder of Inbound Zombie, a new media consulting firm helping nonprofits with online marketing. He has spoken at the Nonprofit Technology Conference, BlogWorld, BBCon, is an Instructor for Marketing Profs University, and is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. John has trained thousands of nonprofits, both large and small, via CharityHowTo nonprofit webinars.

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Facebook Mastery Series #5: How to Engage Your Existing Nonprofit Facebook Community

Synopsis: How To Engage Your Existing Nonprofit Facebook Community

Author: John Haydon

Category: Facebook for Nonprofits,Social Media For Nonprofits

Course Level: Intermediate

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