How To Advance In Your Development Career: A Road Map For Your Future (Recording)

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How To Advance In Your Development Career: A Road Map For Your Future (Recording)
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During this 90-minute recorded webinar, you will get all of the tools and step-by-step instructions needed to advance up the fundraising career ladder.  

We spend most of our waking hours at our job but rarely do we ever thoughtfully plan our nonprofit training for how we will invest in ourselves and our future philanthropy career path. For fundraising and development professionals, this is even more so the case.  With high job turnover rates in the profession, why not plan for how you want to advance and what your future will look like in an organization that fits you best.

During This Non Profit Training Course You Will Learn: 

  • How to determine the next steps to find your ideal fundraising position.
  • How to position your strengths and accomplishments to get recognized.
  • How to create a cover letter and resume to brand your professional fundraising image.
  • How to develop your nonprofit professional networks to help fast-track your success.
  • How to identify and secure the best mentor to use as a valuable tool for your fundraising career advancement.
  • How to find and vet a philanthropic job opportunity to ensure a good “cultural” fit.
  • How to create and use a professional development plan of non profit training classes to elevate your fundraising skills and career.
  • How to move into fundraising leadership, with or without previous experience.
  • How to use social media to create value and to position yourself in the “market.”

Do you have a plan in place to move up the career ladder to your ultimate, dream fundraising job? Whether you are seeking a Vice-President of Development position, Manager of Donor Relations, or something in-between, this webinar will help you plan for your future by making the right career steps today.


  • Determining your ultimate, long-range career goal and starting to plan for that position today.
  • Using your networks to find the “hidden” jobs and to fast-track your fundraising career success.
  • Finding the right kind of mentor who can help you learn quicker and advance faster.
  • Learning how to brand yourself, both offline and online, to elevate your profile and attract your ideal development position.

As a long-time fundraising expert, Robin understands the importance of having an action plan for your fundraising career and she will help you during this nonprofit webinar.

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Sample Likes/Dislikes Job Inventory Worksheet
  2. Fundraising Career Strengths and Accomplishments Assessment Tools
  3. Sample Resume
  4. Resource (Article):  Top 11 Benefits of Networking
  5. Resource (Article):  Looking for a Mentor?  The 7 Best Places to Start
  6. Sample Fundraising Interview Questions to Vet a Philanthropic Job
  7. Sample Fundraising Professional Development Plan
  8. Sample Social Media Business Development Checklist
  9. The webinar Slides

With almost twenty-five years of experience, Robin teaches the exact steps that she has used throughout her career to become highly impactful as a fund development professional and, now, as a successful consultant progressively seeking new opportunities and growing her business.

Today, she serves as interim development staff, through her consultative practice, for a wide range of organizations.  And, she is on a mission to provide the tools that development professionals need to end the high turnover rate and lengthy vacancies that exist in the field today.

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar for Nonprofit Professionals:

“There was so much helpful information shared during this webinar. The poll questions helped me realize all the things I should be doing for my career development. I look forward to diving into all the shared resources.”

Sally Parmelee

About Your Topic Expert:

Robin L. Cabral, MA, CFRE and Principal of Development Consulting Solutions, is the one and only outsourced development professional with close to twenty-five years’ experience providing value-added interim development staffing and consulting services with razor-sharp monthly result objectives and benchmarked deliverables.

With her over twenty years’ experience, she has raised millions of dollars for small to mid-sized organizations.
Her hands-on results-driven approach to raising money comes directly from both her experience assisting worldwide, national and local organizations and her cutting-edge Masters of Arts degree in Philanthropy and Fund Development from Saint Mary’s of Minnesota.

Robin is also an AFP International Master Faculty Trainer and presents nationally and online.

She works with small to mid-sized nonprofits that want to position themselves to build capacity and generate MORE fundraising prospects, BETTER donor relationships, and BIGGER fundraising dollars.

She is the leader in specializing in providing outsourced Nonprofit Fundraising Development Services, interim development services, and coaching and assisting smaller organizations in their first campaigns; annual, capital, and endowment.

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